Ready. Set. Nip. Cuticle Nippers

Ready. Set. Nip. Cuticle Nippers


Ready Set Nip Cuticle Nippers come with comfortable, rounded handles for greater accuracy. Easily clips away overgrown cuticles without pain or hassle and gives a clean cut every time. Large precision-crafted blades trim excess cuticles and hangnails safely.

  • Soft touch

  • Easy grip

  • Made for cutting cuticles, not fingernails.

Use for cutting cuticles only! This product is not designed for cutting fingernails.

Soak hands in soapy water to soften cuticles. Push cuticles back and cut away dead skin.

*Do not use on inflamed or infected cuticles*

Care instructions
An occasional drop of oil in the joint will help prevent rusting, ensure smooth operation, and long-lived functionality.

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