Nail Necessities 7 Piece Mani Kit

Nail Necessities 7 Piece Mani Kit


The perfect kit for all your manicure needs! Comes with a stylish storage bag so you can take your perfect manicure on the go.

  • Bonus fashion bag included

  • Manicure stick - Use to correct smudges, or as a cuticle pusher to push back or remove cuticles.

  • Cuticle trimmer - Use to trim excess cuticles for an even, healthier looking nail bed.

  • Cuticle pusher - Use to gently push back cuticles without damaging nail surface.

  • Cuticle scissors - Use to trim away any unwanted cuticles and hangnails.

  • Nail Clippers - Use to trim nails smoothly, safely and quickly without pulling or tearing. Clip away small pieces until desired shape is achieved.

  • Sapphire Nail File - Use to shape and file nails. For best results, file in one direction only, as a side-to-side motion can break nails.

  • 3-way buffer file - Use to smooth, buff, and polish nails to an amazing natural shine.

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