3 Step Miracle Tool

3 Step Miracle Tool


Hard, stubborn calluses? The 3 Step Miracle Tool removes calluses, rids dry skin, and smooths feet. Enjoy soft feet instantly from the comfort of your home. Works great on hard, stubborn calluses and removes them quickly and easily. Includes 10 callus shaver refills.

1. Use razor for the most stubborn calluses. Gently shave across callus surface to remove thin layers of dry skin.

2. Use callus rasp attachment to file away excess dry skin.

3. For smooth feet, file rough areas with smoothing file attachment. Clean tool and attachments after use.

To change blades: place tool on hard flat surface, hold handle down and push sides of the blade down. Carefully lift tool away from blade. Place new blade under tool. Hold handle down, and pull up on sides of blade cover to hook in place.

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