Foot Rasp

Foot Rasp


Fix your foot foundation with Onyx Professional’s Foot Rasp.  Our silicone comfort-grip allows for easy handling of even the hardest areas.  Get rid of dry skin and calluses and keep things clean with our convenient debris-catcher.  Do the deal and quickly dispose of the rest - with no mess.  Onyx Professional’s Foot Rasp is the ultimate tool to cast away calluses completely!

Soak feet in warm, soapy water. Lightly dry feet. Use the coarse side of rasp to file away calluses. Use fine side for removing rough, dry skin.  Use file on back of callus wand to smooth skin for silky finish. For easy clean up, remove metal rasp and dispose of shavings. For best results, use with other Onyx Professional foot care products.

Tool care: Wipe clean after use. May disinfect with alcohol as needed.

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